Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Two Week Countdown

Well in just under two weeks we're going to announce the first single to buy for the Rock The Charts attempt.  It's going to be a laugh.

For those of you who are new to the RTC adventure...

  • We want to get more rock and metal into the UK and worldwide charts
  • We have no budget whatsoever
  • We're relying on working with bands and their fans, PR people, radio stations and any other media
  • Please excuse the shambles, we're running on goodwill and black coffee
  • Did I mention we have no budget ?
If you can join us on Facebook or Twitter then please do.

If you are a band, manager, PR or Uber-fan and you can help the project by sharing and promoting, please do. We are all going to grow together on the Rock The Charts trip, as we gain fans your videos will get more viewers, we'll promote you to an increasing audience and this will repay down the line in more album and gig ticket sales.

If you manage a page on Facebook then please share our page. In the types of pages we are linking to we all share a passion for rock and metal, and as we grow we'll keep sharing you and you will grow with us, it's win-win.

Rock The Charts isn't gaining anything from this except having a good time and promoting the styles of music that I love.

That said, outright bribes of free albums, free booze and red headed girls in black leather will be gratefully accepted.

A quick stats update as I promised to keep you informed of how the project is doing after being up and running for a month...

Facebook followers 720 

Twitter followers 420 - Including 5 Finger Death Punch, Absolute Radio and Crucified Barabara, not that I'm bragging much.

Obviously then we need more numbers to achieve our big goal, but along the way if we have connected some bands to new fans then we're doing good work.

Best wishes folks x x

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