Sunday, 22 December 2013

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Hi there rockers, we're looking for a little help.

As part of the mission to get more rock and metal into the UK charts we would like to promote and help some of the smaller bands that you guys love and listen to. So, if there are any budding writers out there who would like to do gig or album reviews, or perhaps even interviews if you access to bands, then we would love to hear from you.

A few minor guidelines....

There is no money, I'm doing this for the love of rock and metal, so we can showcase your work, but cannot pay you.

I'd prefer to hear about a small, local band than to get a dozen reviews of Metallica, but that said, if it's good and interesting then we can print it.

Submissions to our e-mail address please, or via links to shareable Dropbox accounts.

Well written reviews in good English are preferred. I am sorry but at the moment we can promote writing in English. Any work printed will credit YOU as the author, and can include a link to your own blog/site if you have one.

Once accepted, we will publish your work here on the blog, and promote it via the RTC-UK Facebook, RockTheCharts on,  and @RockthechartsUK. We will also happily promote gigs, album launches and the like for bands and venues, just send us some artwork that we can post or a short press release and we'll promote it.

Our e-mail address is

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