Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What Next ?

Well the RTC community is up and running, it's Christmas week so things are a bit quiet but we have 440 on Facebook.

Starting next week I'll try and get the social media streams more on track, so we won't be sharing so many funny pictures on Facebook. Each week we will try to work in tandem with 1 or 2 other Facebook pages to promote and share to each other's fanbase. Each week we will also pick a handful of bands and post pics, tour news and videos from them, again to tap into each other's fanbase.

Many thanks to all the bands that have been in touch, I will try to feature all of them in the New Year. The RTC-UK adventure is always going to have a slight bias towards UK-European acts, but we're a worldwide community so nothing is ruled out. I know we already have a lot of Mexican rockers on the Facebook page, so who are the best rock and metal bands in Mexico ? We'd love to promote and support them.

There won't be many videos on the pages from the big metal bands, we've all seen Metallica a thousand times, but you may not have seen Homicide Hagridden or Awesome Mr. Powerwolf before, so these are the sort of bands we'd like to be able to push to a wider audience.

A quick roll call of who has been in touch this week and who we will be featuring in the coming weeks - in addition to the bands named above - The Dirty Feel, NOO5E, Fisting For Glory, Unparalleled Height, Dirty Cakes Band, Aviator Shades, Beckon and more. We'll be mixing these guys in with some more bands from the world rock and metal scene - The Treatment, The Jokers, Skarlett Riot, Voodoo Six and a few more.

Lastly, don't forget to get in touch if you would like us to feature your gig or album reviews, or even band interviews.

Rock The Charts UK Facebook

As a little taster of what's to come, here are Voodoo Six with an acoustic version of Take The Blame....

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