Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Album Review : Wake Up EP - Awesome Mr. Powerwolf

The Danish melodic hard rock outfit released their debut EP in 2013. The band had been around for almost 5 years but a change in band members revitalised the group in 2012 which saw them gigging regularly around Copenhagen.

Their groove filled hard rock ably supports Rasmus Cundell's clear vocal style. There is a familiar enough hard rock pattern to their songs but what makes this debut EP particularly satisfying is the care and attention which has gone into song writing. Familiar feeling hard rock it might be, but the twin lead guitarists Simon Stenbæk and Jonathan Lemoine play nicely off each other, imbuing the songs with a level of mature complexity often missing from a young band's first outing.

The rhythm section of Kasper Rebien on drums and Nicholas Tesla on bass keep the music powering along. There are hints of Scorpions in here, a nod to Led Zeppelin and the spirit of NWOBHM suffuses an enticing blend of infectious, classic sounding rock music.

'Wake Up' has another three tracks in addition to the title, 'Blackout', 'Love' and 'Busy Wasting Time'. AMP make good use of guitar leads and hooks in each song, just listen to the opening riff to 'Blackout', it rolls and draws you in, Rasmus starts to sing, Kasper starts pounding the drums and then as the whole band kicks in, Great Scott! Have they just channelled a classic Iron Maiden lick ? I think they did, and they carry it off well.

As debut EP's go, I have really enjoyed this. For me the stand out track is 'Blackout' with its nicely built intro and cleverly tempered break down in the middle section, all carried along by that captivating lead guitar. There's nothing weak here though, just four solid rock tracks. You can buy the EP on the link below at a 'name your own price' offer. This is a small band though, please do support them and pay something for their music.

Awesome Mr. Powerwolf Bandcamp

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