Sunday, 5 January 2014

So What's The Worst That Could Happen

The worst that could happen ? We fall flat on our face, don't make the numbers and out selected band don't make the chart on the 2nd of February. Is that failure ? Hell no.

As a Rock The Charts supporter, what's the worst thing that could happen to you ? You follow the blog, Facebook page, Twitter, you see some new bands, you spend 79p on a single download and you own a song. Perhaps it's a track from a genre of rock or metal that you don't normally listen to, perhaps you don't like it all that much. On the other hand, perhaps you love the song, perhaps that band becomes your personal next big thing.

It's all about possibilities.

If on February 2nd we've only persuaded a handful of people to buy a song then we've started the ball rolling. Next month we'll do better, we'll have more numbers, more friends.

If along the way you've discovered some great new bands, then it's a success. The band whose single you bought earned a little bit of money, which allows them to keep on functioning as band. It's win-win.

Dates to watch out for.....

Mon 20th January 2014 - we'll announce the first RTC track, and probably spam all accounts like crazy to tell you all what it is, but don't buy it until....

Mon 27th January 2014 - Start buying the single, it needs to be from a countable retailer like i-tunes, we'll try to check with artists own websites in advance to see if their sites count towards the charts.

Sun 2nd Feb - Official UK Top 40 released.

And then we can start all over gain ;-)


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