Monday, 20 January 2014

Album Review : Ancient Blood - Damnation and Bloodlust EP

Now normally black metal isn't my thing, but the nice chaps from Ancient Blood sent me their debut EP, and you know, I'm rather impressed.

Ancient Blood hail from Monterray in Mexico (they love Rock The Charts in Mexico, Mexico is just behind the UK and USA in where our followers reside), they have been together since 2008 but the Damnation and Bloodlust EP is their first release.

The Mexican four piece have really nailed the melodic black metal sound, pounding, sometimes blast beat drums, a singer that sounds as if he were dredged up from the blackest pits of Hell and walls of guitars providing a fearsome noise. Ancient Blood do understand timing through, and this isn't an all out speed assault on your ears, the boys can play at breakneck speed, but they also slow down and allow nice patterns of variation into their music. This is particularly noticeable on Shadows Of Doom with its extended mid-pace section.

There are shades of Emperor and hints of Cradle of Filth here. The unsettling choral vocals supporting Dracul Malfeitor's guttural singing add depth and interest to each song as does allowing Darcul's keyboards to replace guitar solos in some parts.

I think this is a pretty accomplished slab of black metal. It'll upset your Mum, scare the dog and have you wearing corpse paint in no time, well done, good effort lads.

You can download the EP for free at the Ancient Blood page.

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