Saturday, 25 January 2014

Album Review : The Boy In The Attic (Self Titled) EP

Well this is rather good, in fact, some of this is better than rather good. I'm getting stupidly excited over some of the tracks that The Boy In The Attic have created for this, their debut EP.

The Boy In The Attic are based in Wexford, Ireland. I gather the band are having some personnel changes right now so I won't give a who's who. I do hope though that they find some new band members and get settled down because there are moments of great promise on their initial release.

Drop Your Disguise shows a little too much straight post-rock influence to be special, but interest in the EP picks up on Black Out The World where TBITA move gracefully through some nice changes in pace and the vocals have a ring of early Biffy Clyro styling about them. The Illusion Of Reality steps up a gear, a calm intro turns into a headlong charge with layered lead and support vocals and breakdowns that serve as bridges rather than halting the music in its tracks.

Step Into The Future opens with a rolling riff that provides a ridiculously catchy hook throughout the song, the vocals come in and then, BOOM! The chanted refrain of "The future ain' ain't what it used to be", well that's just designed for packed concert halls to bellow that line back at the band. Bloody wonderful!

Closing track Winding Stairs again demonstrates the chanted refrain style the band have worked on, but this time the song is more melodic hard rock with a delicious bouncing guitar riff.

This is exciting stuff, on the best tracks the Irish band show real skill and promise combined with great song writing, they understand that a band needs changes in tempo while still maintaining an underlying style. I'm enjoying this EP a lot, fingers crossed that TBITA survive as band.

Get the EP free from The Boy In The Attic Soundcloud


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